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Mighty Badge Do-it-yourself Laser Name Badge Kit


Do-it-yourself Name Badge Kit allows you to make customized, professional-looking name badges on the spot with any laser printer. Name badges look like they are permanently engraved, but are actually personalized with clear or bright-white label inserts. The kit contains NamePrint Graphics; proprietary, easy-to-use, Microsoft certified design software; 10 gold-colored steel plates (1″ x 3″); 10 rare earth magnetic fasteners; 10 patented Lenscovers; and four printable insert sheets with 20 separate inserts on each sheet (two clear and two bright white). The inserts easily peel off the insert sheet that can be put through your printer multiple times, depending on how many name badges you need to make each time. Kit includes enough supplies to make 10 name badges and, in the future, change your design another 70 times. Create a total of 80 badge designs.

Mighty Badge
Item: IPP906812

Price: $119.60

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