Kleenex Touchless Cassette Dispenser


Scott Essential Skin Care Dispenser System is designed to take hand hygiene to the next level. You can count on its reliable, touchless operation to help reduce cross-contamination and the spread of germs because users don’t have to touch the dispenser to get their soap or sanitizer. It automatically dispenses one shot of hand soap or hand sanitizer when a user places their hand beneath the dispenser. It features a long battery life with up 60,000 handwashes per set of three D-size alkaline batteries. Plus, you’ll enjoy easy maintenance with this smart system. Use this touch-free skin care dispenser with 1.2 liter cassettes of Scott Essential Foam Soap or Hand Sanitizer. Durable plastic dispenser is ADA compliant when installed properly.

Item: KCC92147

Price: $55.65

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