Kimberly-Clark In-Sight Touchless Towel Dispenser


Touchless Electronic Towel Dispenser is a no-touch, electronic, hard-roll towel system for hands-free dispensing. Adjustable sheet length lets you set the towel length at 8″, 11″ or 14″ so you can reduce waste and conserve the roll. Dispenser automatically advances a towel when a hand is placed under the front of dispenser. The second sheet reduction feature allows you to reduce the size of the second sheet. Adjustable time delay lets you set the number of seconds between uses. Translucent, smoked plastic design lets you know when a refill is needed without having to open the dispenser. Low-battery indicator signals when batteries should be replaced. Dispenser uses four standard alkaline batteries with a 6-month to 12-month battery life. Dispenser also features a cover lock with key and stub-roll feature.

Item: KCC09992

Price: $124.14

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