Little People Office Supplies

Little People Animals Farm Toy Set

Toddlers will love learning how to take care of all their animal friends with this Caring for Animals farm. From feeding the chickens to tucking in the horse with a soft blanket, and exploring all the exciting activities, this playset offers tons of sens|||FIPDWC31|||||||0|||||||||||||||||
763742530|Lorell Light-Duty Wire Shelving|22673|Bulk Office Supplies||||77.25||Business/Services|Office|Light-Duty Wire Shelving features a shine and elegance that can be used in public view as well as storage areas. The four steel wire shelves are supported by sturdy, 1 diameter steel posts with a silver epoxy finish. Both shelves and posts have a silver epoxy finish. With a 250 lb. capacity per shelf, you can use the wire shelves for books, decor and supplies. Adjust shelves in 1″ increments to customize the space you need between them. You can also hang decor or other objects from the shelves using hooks (not included). Endcaps on the metal feet are made of plastic to prevent scuffing your floors.

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